Since 2010 Jimmy has supported the way of life in Kande Village, Malawi.

The total sale price of the paintings and carvings shown goes directly to the artists in Africa. This is a non-profit scheme and  has provided over £3000 of income to the local people in Kande Village since it was established. The project has also assisted in the development of local businesses in Malawi by funding investment in materials and tools.

Kande Village is located in the northern part of Malawi and is home to about 4000 people. Some people are farmers, some are fisherman and some work in tourism. Malawi is famous for its paintings and carvings. Most people are self-employed and struggle to sell their art at a fair price. By purchasing one of these paintings you make a significant contribution towards the livelihood of artists in Kande Village along with supporting the development of sustainable Central African businesses.

Paintings are available framed. The framing is done to a high standard and the canvas is stretched over a hardboard frame giving the painting roughly 2cm of depth when hung on the wall. Postage costs £5, but paintings can be delivered in the local area free of charge. Please get in touch with Jimmy if you would like to purchase one of these unique art pieces and support the community of Kande.

Thank you for your support.