Booking Prices

From £80 an hour

Booking prices shown here DO NOT include travel costs and should be used as a guide only. All booking prices are venue specific, so please contact Jimmy for a quote.

Travel costs calculated at about £0.25 per mile.

For outdoor events Jimmy offers a free cancellation policy in the event of a bad weather forecast, providing he is given 24 hours notice.

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Our circus skills workshops include fun wheels, junior unicycle, diabolo, devil stick, flower stick, poi, spinning plates, juggling scarves, juggling balls, juggling rings, juggling clubs, gymnast ribbons, stilts, and a balance bar that participants can practise with under Jimmy’s expert guidance.

Workshops can be organised for a number of different groups, ages and abilities as part of a variety of entertainment packages.

Booking Jimmy the Juggling Jester

To book Jimmy for your event, please contact us to confirm availability before then completing the following form.

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